Youth Crimes

Criminal offences committed by youths are approached differently than crimes committed by adults. Youth crimes are more often considered mistakes based on the maturity of the accused and the severity of the situation. However, this does not mean there are no consequences. This often means there’s a lot of fear in how to answer police questions or that a single criminal charge will result in going to jail.

My name is Michel Fontaine, and I have built my practice of over 30 years defending youths against criminal charges such as drug charges or violent offences. My firm, Michel Fontaine, Criminal Lawyer, helps youths and their families understand the law and develop strategies that aim to reduce or dismiss the charges against them.

Address Concerns from Youths and Parents

For many youths and their parents, they have no idea how the criminal justice system works. In criminal matters, my client is the accused youth. However, I understand how involved parents want and need to be in these matters. I can educate everyone about how the justice systems works, the best defences available and the consequences of each outcome.

Because youth crimes are a unique area of law, every criminal charge does not result in a jail sentence. I can help you address how your case will affect your reputation, future employment, academic record and domestic life.

My Approach to Youth Crimes

I pride myself on providing youths with solid legal defences against criminal charges. I firmly believe that young people should not spend the rest of their life paying for a mistake they made in their youth.

Only a lawyer can provide you with legal advice. Don’t talk to teachers or other non-parental adults. In order to determine your best chances at fighting the charges, you should be informed by talking to a criminal lawyer.

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