Sexual Assault

If you have been charged with sexual assault, it is essential to remain silent and talk to a lawyer first. It’s best not to delve into the details with the police — you have the right not to say anything. Accused individuals should seek legal advice immediately because of the seriousness of the crime.

At my firm, Michel Fontaine, Criminal Lawyer, I have over 30 years of extensive experience fighting criminal charges related to sexual assault. I have provided clients in Edmonton, Alberta, and surrounding cities with solid legal advice to craft the best legal defences possible, focusing on:

One of the most controversial arguments in sexual assault crimes is the issue of consent. The arguments can be an issue of “he said, she said” or more challenging areas involving alcohol, casual “hook-ups” or mistakenly assuming consent.

I respect how sensitive sexual assault cases can be for an individual. It is difficult for both parties to openly discuss their sexual activity in a court room.

Every client I represent receives a thorough review of the details. Together, we examine issues of fabrication, the quality of the evidence, stereotypes and differences in stories. This allows us to focus on exactly what arguments need to be made in order to combat the charges.

Protecting Your Interests When Charged with Sexual Assault

Ultimately, this about your life. The outcome of your case can affect your domestic life, your professional life and your reputation over all.

Resolving this matter is a two-way street. At any time during your case, if you have a question or concern, give me a call. I am always available to keep you informed on your matter.


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