Domestic Assault

Domestic assault cases range from minor assault charges, such as pushing and shoving, to major assault charges such as viciously beating an individual.

In both cases, the charge relates to the non-consensual touching of another person where there’s an established relationship — spouses, family members or partnerships.

My name is Michel Fontaine. My criminal defence firm has assisted individuals from Edmonton, Alberta, and surrounding cities on how to navigate the legal process after being charged with domestic assault.

Guiding You Through The Legal Process

For many individuals, this is their first run-in with the law. Their main concern is whether they will to go to jail or not. Unfamiliarity raises questions such as:

  • My wife pushed me, so I pushed her. Why was I charged?
  • Why can I no longer have contact with my spouse?
  • Why can’t I return to our family home after an arrest?

Whether the cause of the assault was related to anger issues, alcohol or arguments arising from infidelity, I will make sure we focus on the most salient points of your case. We’ll pursue the outcome that provides the most benefits for you.

A Reasonable Timeframe For Resolutions

Domestic violence is an important concern in Alberta and is not tolerated under any circumstances. The biggest challenge is to resolve the matter expeditiously.

With over 30 years of practice as a criminal defence lawyer, my experience allows me to carry out all legal procedures and meet deadlines with proper diligence to keep your case moving through the courts.t

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