Violent Offences

Violent offences can range from bodily harm, such as broken arms or concussions, to more aggressive situations, such as gun shot wounds or a stabbing.

In either case, it’s important to make sure the legal counsel you retain understands how the law applies and how to position your defence on the strongest facts of your case.

My name is Michel Fontaine and I have helped people throughout Edmonton, Alberta, and surrounding cities evaluate the details of an alleged violent assault charge, including issues of:

  • Consent
  • Advanced consent
  • The type of harm done
  • Self-defence
  • The level of force involved

Thorough Review Of Your Matter

When talking with clients, I have heard every type of explanation in my 30 years of practice, so my office is judgment-free. Without proper understanding of your story, my effectiveness is diminished, so I pride myself on allowing a safe, comfortable environment to talk openly about the details of every case.

I will ask specific and thorough questions so that we both have a firm understanding of exactly what transpired in your situation. Then we’ll examine the applicable laws and how they apply.

In addition to violent assault charges, I can also provide legal advice and representation on other assault charges, including:30

Sexual Assault Charges

Cases of sexual assault and abuse

Domestic Assault Charges

Minor to severe domestic assault offences

My firm makes it a priority to have clients very involved with developing the defence. A lot of people have not dealt with a lawyer before, so I want you to be comfortable with understanding the law and its applications.

A criminal charge affects your domestic life, your professional life and your reputation overall. If there’s something you don’t know or if you have a concern, please do not hesitate to call me.

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