Drug, Theft & Fraud Offences

For many clients facing drug, theft and fraud charges, it is their first encounter with the legal system. Questions surrounding sentencing, the consequences of a conviction or whether you will have to serve jail time are what you will want answered right away.

My name is Michel Fontaine. Based in Edmonton, Alberta, I have provided individuals with legal services and solid criminal defence strategies for over 30 years. I use this experience to design unique defences aimed at pursuing reasonable goals and minimal consequences.

Careful Analyses On Your Specific Situation

There are a number of details to factor into a defence against theft charges. For example, the stolen items need to be analyzed, as the value will directly affect the sentencing. Was the theft over a small item or was it an object of higher value, such as a car or electronic device?

The law approaches charges involving drugs the same way. Let’s say you were caught with drugs on your person. Does that mean you were producing them? Were you going to sell them? How would a police officer or judge know the difference?

The same analyses are applied to cases of fraud. As the outcome of the case will impact your professional and personal life and your reputation, my firm keeps clients involved in their cases at every step of the process.

An Honest Discussion

In my 30 years of practice, clients and I have discovered that the best way to refute a criminal charge is with honesty at the heart of the defence.

This means:

  • Having a judgment-free conversation about the situation
  • Teaching you how the Criminal Code of Canada affects your matter
  • Providing you with a realistic opinion on the best way to defend your case.

Any questions you have, I will answer. I am always available to make sure your questions and concerns are addressed to your satisfaction.30

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